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Chef · Planner · Flower Coordinator - · Makeup Artist · Photographer .... The wedding we will produce can be created with a great emphasis by specialists. Professionals with their respective achievements will support you with full support from the standpoint of specialized fields. Please enjoy your wedding ceremony by top professional hand.



Public expression ceremony

Because it is a public expression style, it is a wedding style that promises love to the people, such asparents, relatives and friends, as an attendance person, not in front of a specific religion. As in chapel style, church ceremony and Shinto ceremony, expressions are caught without being caught up in fixed rituals and situations that continue from long ago, and the venue is also characterized by its preference.

chapel image1
chapel image2

「Chapel Le Chemin」

Unusual glass chapel in Nara Prefecture. The chapel with a glass virgin road where natural light falls is a sparkling crystal specification. By burning smoke, it is as if walking on clouds.

「After wedding ceremony at the garden after ceremony」

A vast garden full of openness is as if it is a resort area! In the vast garden full of green and light, the direction where you go out of the reception hall and enjoy

garden image1
garden image2


The reception hall has two venues with different sizes and atmosphere.
You can choose whichever you like according to the number of people and situations.


~ Feuille ~

Feuille with a brown color impression is directing at home air in a little calm atmosphere. A spiral staircase with a sense of transparency is the point. All natural environments such as leaves, rocks, spiral staircase transparency, external light penetration, wind bram, etc are all included in this space.

~ Rythme Blanc ~

"Rythme Blanc" which colors only in two colors is pure white and sacred space. I make bride more beautiful and distinct. Liz Blanc with a ceiling height of 9 meters is based on white and has a pretty bright atmosphere. With the latest powerful 360-degree projection mapping, directing that can not be fulfilled until now is possible!

Banquet「Rythme Blanc」


Cuisine image

Chef himself use the seasonal ingredients selected from the whole country without choosing themselves, organic vegetables, the locally unique gem, and deliciously serve delicious dishes as well as delicious eyes. Bell classic Nara chooses one by one and chooses full hospitality with the original full course only for two people who are deepening "the way of the heart" of the two people, the two families, and the guests with complete choice menu.

Cuisine image


「Dress shop is on site」

We also exhibit dresses, so you can actually see and touch them. If there is something you like, you can also order from other stores!

Wedding dress

~ Disney wedding dress collection ~

Wedding dress conscious of fashionable adult girls, which imagined Disney characters boasting overwhelming popularity all over the world. Special dresses casually decorated with colors and motifs of each princess are disney fans as well as fashionable adult girls are a must-see.

Wedding dress「belle」
Wedding dress「snow」
Wedding dress「cinderella」
Wedding dress「rapunzel」
Wedding dress「aurora」


At our company, we have a tour sessions till 20 o'clock, so it's okay at the end of work! As the exclusive planner will explain about your budget and plan as much as possible, if you have any questions do nothesitate to ask more!

For busy brides who have to compare and consider a lot of venues and dresses, we are also accepting trial dress on weekdays. Compared to the weekend, you can see it relatively slowly, so plan the perfect fit for the bride you want to consider carefully!

Other than that, there are also various plans such as zero marriage.


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